Tennessee Film & Music Commission


Tennessee Film & Music Commission is a series of animations that I created while I was working for Slam! Digital Works. My responsibilities for these project included: art direction, graphic design, Flash animation, and the final compilation and delivery of the end product. I used the following technologies to complete these animations: Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Please note that these are projects from when I first started out in the advertising/marketing/production businesses and I had to make a lot of modifications to them just to show them to you. They are nowhere near what they were, and even if they were they’d still be outdated. But, the animations exemplify that I know elementary to intermediate animation moves…I don’t care what the software is. I can figure out whatever software to create a decent animation and be effective to a degree of achievement for any team that I work with or for.


*View Animation – 1

*View Animation – 2

*This is a Flash animation and it will not work on iOS devices and it does require that you have the Flash player installed on your computer.